X-Lens – Extra lenses to model Sport

$ 17 – $ 133

SUNREAD X-LENS gives you the ability to supplement your SPORT sunglasses with lenses that have another feature! Suppose that you bought your first SUNREAD with the gray lens, but now would like to supplement with sports TOUR lenses with contrast enhancement to be used in autumn, winter or spring with less sunlight? You choose either the right eye, left eye or both eyes.

It is easy to change the lenses, hold the frame with one hand and loosen the lens at the hinges with the other. When inserting the new ones, fasten first in the middle of the frame and then click in the lens at the outer bracket.

The lenses are placed in a soft microfibre pouch that has Velcro and fits nicely inside the  Sunread Box so you can always bring extra lenses and change when necessary.


SUNREAD SPORT EDITION X-lens gives you the possibility to supplement with a lens if you have got a scratch on one, or with two extra if you want to be able to use your glasses in several different environments.

If your first purchase was a pair of dark sunglasses, you might be interested in VISION lenses. These lenses light up grey days and are very comfortable when driving in low light conditions, you will not get tired as the eye gets enough light even in bad visibility.

If you play golf, the lenses SPORT GOLF is an obvious choice. With contrast enhancement and reduced bifocal reading area, the game on the golf course is so much easier.

If you navigate at night, then you can supplement with the lenses SPORT CLEAR. It is much more comfortable with a pair of glasses that sit properly on your head when you sail at night, no need for a pair of reading glasses at the end of the nose!


Lens : Polycarbonate 2mm (non ficolans and 14mm bifocals)
Aspherical : Aspheric design / Optically correct, increases safety as it gives sharp eye slight even in the peripheral vision. The lens is thinner and lighter
UV A+B : 100% UV400 protection
Polarisation : See respective model
Sun filter : See respective model
Lens filter : See respective model
Bifocals : 14mm reading view is standard (SPORT GOLF has 12mm reading view)
Other : CE-marked
Color / filter :
  • SPORT (Smoked – Sun filter 3)
  • SPORT PRO (smoked "Blue Ray " – Filter 3, anti-reflex)
  • SPORT GOLD PRO (Brown-Super hydrophobic, filter 3, anti reflex)
  • SPORT Clear (Clear – no sun filter)
  • SPORT GOLF (Yellowish – Filter 2 – Contrast enhancement-Reduced bifocal area)
  • SPORT LAKE (Copper – Filter 3)
  • SPORT PILOT (Smoked – Filter 3 – Blue Ray-not polarising)
  • Sports TOUR (Light yellow – Filter 2)
  • SPORT VISION (Yellow – Super contrast enhancement-without sun filter)
  • VERSATILE (not bifocal lens-sunglasses only)
  • Strength :
  • + 1.5-14 mm (SPORT GOLF 12mm)
  • + 2.0-14 mm (SPORT GOLF 12mm)
  • + 2.5-14 mm (not sport LAKE) (SPORT GOLF 12mm)
  • + 3.0-14 mm (SPORT LAKE only)